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Refinishing Teak Outdoor Furniture

We’ve talked before about the value of refinishing outdoor furniture. In fact, you can take a look at a previous article here that showcases another transformation: Outdoor Furniture Staining and Refinishing in Newport Beach. Refinishing is not only more cost-effective, but it also gives you a chance to provide th... continue

Painting a Balcony and Shutters in Irvine, CA

The function of a homeowners’ association is certainly multifaceted, but a huge part of its purpose is to create a consistent, regulated style for a community. Our client in Irvine received a notice saying that it was time to paint his shutters and balcony, and it undeniably was! We were ha... continue

Shutter Painting and Refinishing in Shady Canyon

When you think of exterior painting and refinishing, what comes to mind? More than likely you think of your siding, or maybe laying down a much-needed coat or two of paint onto a deck, fence, or patio. There is, however, another component of your home’s exterior style that, although im... continue

Painting Scenic Windows in Laguna Beach, CA

Windows are a crucial element in a home. Besides being a safety feature, they also offer a weatherproof way to look out, enjoy the view, and let in all the warmth and beauty of natural light. Because of this level of importance, they quickly can become a focal point of... continue

Matching Stains for a Master Bathroom

Have you ever purchased a new fixture, design element, or piece of furniture that was absolutely perfect in so many ways, but it just didn't quite match? Your options are either to completely repaint or stain the room and simply start from scratch, or else move on and try to... continue

Fence Painting - Refreshing Your Home’s Exterior!

You know, a lot of times when people think of exterior painting, the color of their house comes to mind. And, there's good reason for that! Few things are more fun than watching your home transform, whether through trying out a bold, new look, or simply refreshing the colors you... continue

Cabinet Refinishing in Dove Canyon, Santa Margarita

No matter how well you take care of your property, eventually the traffic of life will cause some signs of wear and tear around your home. If those tired places are left unattended for too long they can turn into larger issues, but with regular maintenance and refreshing you can... continue

What Kind of Paint Is Best for Your Bathroom?

In recent years the bathroom has transitioned away from being viewed as not much more than that small, utilitarian space just down the hall. It's now an exciting venue for showcasing your own style, whether it be in a pristine but welcoming guest bathroom, a relaxing master bath, or through... continue

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