House Painting in Malibu - Adding Fresh Colors to a Beautiful Courtyard

House Painting in Malibu - Adding Fresh Colors to a Beautiful Courtyard

After taking just one look at the photo we’ve included, you might notice that there is nothing ordinary about this pool-side view. The visual experience is stunning, from the swaying palm trees to the beautiful contrast of clean white and sparkling, azure water.

In fact, the pool courtyard tucked inside this beach-side, Malibu home creates nothing short of a private oasis, and sports a tone and style that any resort could be proud of.

The interior design was the work of another local professional (as was the photography), but we did have the opportunity to lend our painting expertise. In fact, we painted literally everything you see in the photo, including the wicker furniture. After all, why replace something you love when you could have it professionally painted and refreshed?

Professional Painting: From the Walls to the Furniture

In case you’re interested in the more technical details, we’ve included a breakdown of the paints we used below:

  • Siding/body of the home - Sherwin Williams’ Resilience in a satin sheen
  • Doors - Sherwin Williams’ Resilience in a semi-gloss sheen
  • Windows and trim - Sherwin Williams’ Resilience in a semi-gloss sheen

Why Sherwin Williams Resilience? A quality painting project not only consists of a skillful application, but also choosing a long-lasting, appropriate product. We like the fact that Sherwin Williams Resilience is a moisture/mildew-resistant paint, making it ideal for exterior areas like this.

If you would like to see another example of our furniture painting and refinishing abilities, take a look here at one of our previous articles: Outdoor Furniture Staining and Refinishing in Newport Beach.

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