Painting a Balcony and Shutters in Irvine, CA

Painting a Balcony and Shutters in Irvine, CA

The function of a homeowners’ association is certainly multifaceted, but a huge part of its purpose is to create a consistent, regulated style for a community. Our client in Irvine received a notice saying that it was time to paint his shutters and balcony, and it undeniably was!

We were happy to help meet this home’s exterior painting needs, and in so doing keep our client within the regulations of the HOA.

Exterior Painting - Totally Refreshing a Weathered Surface

Below are a couple of pictures we took before we got to work. As you can see, the shutters and balcony were certainly faded, tired, and looking worse for the wear.

A carefully-selected exterior paint will not only create that bright, fresh look we all want for our homes, but also adds a barrier of priceless protection. Paint almost acts as a sunscreen for your property, cutting down drastically on the damage that relentless sun exposure can inflict.

And, as an added benefit, it looks great!

Here’s how we left the property after our work was done.

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