Painting an Accent Door - Adding a Splash of Exterior Color in Newport Beach

Painting an Accent Door - Adding a Splash of Exterior Color in Newport Beach

One of the hottest trends in exterior painting today involves adding a pop of color in a place you see and use on a daily basis: your own front door. Not only is this a high-traffic area that might just benefit from a clean coat of paint anyway, but it also is essentially the place where your house welcomes the world. Your home’s entrance is the natural focal point, and becomes the epicenter of curb appeal.

So, rather than simply refresh an existing color (not that there’s anything wrong with taking that route!), a lot of homeowners are stepping outside of the box and choosing something from the bolder sections of the spectrum.

As an example of this, we thought we’d pass along a few photos from a recent exterior painting project in Newport Beach. Take a look!

Painting a Front Door Door Teal - Bright, Fresh, and Modern

The traditional black front door you see below just wasn’t cutting it any longer for this Newport Beach homeowner. It’s not unattractive, but it’s also not really attractive either. It lands right in the neutral place of color selection. That may be okay for khaki pants, but we think front doors were meant for more.

After we applied this warm, refreshing teal, the whole entrance area feels brighter and, well, happier. Do you see what we mean?

Could an Accent Door Work for You?

The beauty of this particular style is that you can pick any color that suits your personality. Bright, dark, loud, or subdued, anything that complements your home and stands out will work just fine. Take a look here to find some accent door color ideas! And, of course, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at Wilson Painting and Finishing.

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