Shutter Painting and Refinishing in Shady Canyon

Shutter Painting and Refinishing in Shady Canyon

When you think of exterior painting and refinishing, what comes to mind? More than likely you think of your siding, or maybe laying down a much-needed coat or two of paint onto a deck, fence, or patio. There is, however, another component of your home’s exterior style that, although important, is often overlooked. Or, at the very least, it’s taken for granted.

What is it, you might ask? Well, how about your shutters?

A smooth, beautiful finish on your shutters adds just another level of excellence to your home’s overall appearance. And, since they are exposed to the elements and grow weather-worn with time, investing in professional painting and finishing services offers a huge opportunity for a spectacular transformation.

Stylish, Refinished Shutters

As a case in point, we thought we would share a before and after look at just a couple of the shutters that we refinished for a client in Shady Canyon, Irvine. As you can see in the “before” shot, the finish was definitely tired! When our work was done, the surfaces were practically unrecognizable.

What do you think of how they turned out?

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These kinds of transformations are exactly why we are passionate about what we do! Home is an incredibly important place, and we love the opportunities we’re given to make it an even more beautiful, inviting, customized space for our clients. How can we help you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

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