Take a Look at This Custom-Stained, Mahogany Garage Door

Take a Look at This Custom-Stained, Mahogany Garage Door

What could a refreshed garage door do for your home?

You know, garage doors have been enjoying some time in the spotlight lately. This is partly because they have become a new focal point for exterior style, offering a powerful element to your property's overall curb appeal. If that weren't enough, they are now listed as one of the top home improvement investments, offering a fantastic return.

Either way, we certainly agree that they hold awesome opportunity for adding an extra level of customized style.

Staining - Protecting and Enhancing Your Home’s Wood Surfaces

While buying unique models or specific colors certainly is one way to add a personalized look to your garage door, this client of ours has a door made out of mahogany. This takes the potential for beauty and “wow factor” to a whole new level!

We bleached the surface, then applied a custom stain to achieve the specific tone they were looking for. Developing unique stains is a specialty of ours, and allows us to create exactly the look that our clients have in mind.

What do you think of how it turned out?

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